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Repair Corrupted DBF database files. Recovering records from MEMO fields.
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  • Repair Corrupted DBF Files

    Posted on October 21st, 2010 admin No comments

    Finally there is an affordable solution for recovering data from corrupt DBF files of *.dbf format.

    If you use dBase Version IV, Clipper, Visual FoxPro, FoxPro 2 or any other database programs it can be very time consuming if one of the files becomes damaged and you are required to spend time recovering it.  By the time you devise a method for recovering corrupt files in *.dbf format you could accomplish the job with eRepair DBF.

    What eRepair DBF Can Recover

    eRepair DBF works with a wide variety of database programs for recovering data from files that have become damaged or corrupt. eRepair DBF can recover the file structure which includes table fields that make up a DBF file, information contained in the memo fields, and a variety of records that are commonly included in DBF files.

    How eRepair DBF Works

    eRepair DBF is designed to be used by a wide range of users from the novice to the advanced user.  The software has a user friendly interface that requires very little user interaction.  Users can simply select the DBF file that has been damaged and most of the recovery processes that follow are automated.  Here is how eRepair DBF works:

    • Choose the File for Recovery: Once you download and install eRepair DBF you begin by selecting the file that has become damaged.  You can choose the file name and path through a variety of different options that are provided by the software.  Selection includes the DBF file itself and any related MEMO fields data for fbt and dbt.
    • Data Analysis: Once you select the dbf file that requires recovery eRepair DBF will analyze the file to determine the data that needs to be recovered. The analysis includes identification of the table fields and offsets in the source file that signify the beginning of each individual record.  In this phase of the analysis eRepair DBF will review the relevant fpt and dbt files if it detects MEMO fields during the process.

    The second phase of the analysis involves an examination of the table records.  During this process the software will review the structure and data of the MEMO file if it found this type of file during the analysis process.   If the data contained in the MEMO fields is not utilized by the DBF file that requires repair then the software will only review the links that are relevant to the damaged DBF file.

    • Choose a Destination File: The destination or output file is the path and location you choose to save the data that the software recovers following the analysis process.  As a general rule, the software recommends saving the restored data in the same folder as the damaged DBF file except under a different name.

    You must also save the format of the recovered data in DBF and in any version including dBase II-IV or FoxPro 3.x.  The software will recommend saving it in the format as the original damaged DBF file but if the software cannot identify the version of the original file it will recommend that you save the format to the latest version.

    • Report Generation: Once the process is complete eRepair DBF will generate a report that provides you with specific details on what files were processed, names of the original and destination files, the records that were recovered, and the time and date each record was restored.

    eRepair DBF is available in a free trial version that allows you to test drive the software to determine if it meets your expectations.  If you start with the free version it is important to note that the program only allows you to view the data that was recovered in the window of the software instead of actually saving it to a specified destination file folder. The full version allows you to have complete control over the recovered DBF files and related relevant records.

    eRepair DBF utilizes a proprietary intelligent algorithm for efficient data analysis and then provides automated data recovery from the damaged DBF file.  The software provides an easy and affordable solution that helps you save time and money that you would otherwise spend trying to recover crucial information from your database files.